Anthea Indira Ong


This path of self-discovery and transformation found me 12 years ago when life as I knew it was pulled off like a rug from right under me (a heart-shattering divorce, a failing business, a depleting bank account, a shrivelling self).  Or perhaps it started way back when I was born, and taunted with name-calling, with an eye defect. When there was nothing more to lose, I was given everything.  It has been nothing short of a curious, wondrous and liberating journey. I started listening in a deeper way. I am the result of the love of thousands, no longer the accolades that stack up on the resume (though that seems to help get that first hello!). Where it used to be fear and lack, the place I live now is one of peace, contentment yet abundance and capacity, though still sprinkled with the many beautiful vulnerabilities that make me so imperfectly human. I have become a better observer of who I am in relation to how I see and show up in the world. 

I am gifted and supported as needed for the purpose I am here to serve, that of self-realisation and service to humanity. I am deeply grateful and humbled by this alchemy of becoming. 

The world is the same, but I am no longer the same.

Because I am no longer the same, the world is no longer the same. 



Nominated Member of Parliament, Republic of Singapore

Impact Entrepreneur & Investor | Life & Executive Coach | Strategy Consultant | Yoga & Wellness Facilitator

Immediate Past President, WINGS | Founding Board Member, Daughters of Tomorrow | Member, Social Service Innovation Advisory Panel, National Council of Social Service | Member, Steering Committee for ACE Captone Programme for Non-Profits, Social Service Institute |  Member, Expert Futures Panel + Member, Champions of Good Panel, Company of Good, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre | Member, School Advisory Council, Cedar Girls' School | Member, International Coach Federation | Mentor, Institute of Technical Education Singapore | Advisor, Make the Change | Volunteer Instructor, Ananda Marga Yoga Society 

Founder/Co-Founder of: 

Hush, the Silent TeaBar (Workplace Wellbeing/Inclusive Employment) | A Good Space (Community of Community Builders) | Playground of Joy (Virtues Education/Special Needs) | Our Tree Stories (Nature Awareness/Climate Change) | The Anagami Group (Consulting/Impact Investment) | Anagami Wellness (Education/Natural Therapy) | The GoodFood Org (Natural & Affordable Foods/Micro-entrepreneurship)|  | Project Yoga-on-Wheels (Inclusive Yoga) | Circle of Bliss (Community Meditation) 


Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) | Newfield Certified Coach | Alumnus, Antarctica Leadership on the Edge 2018 | Alumnus, Presencing Foundation Programme 2018 , MIT | Alumnus, Harvard-affiliated Social Leadership Singapore 2016 | Alumnus, Global Entrepreneurship Summit Stanford 2016, US State Department | Alumnus, International Visitor Leadership Programme 2013, US State Department | Certified Microfinance Trainer | Certified Yoga Instructor | Certified Laughter Yoga Leader |

Certified Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner | Certified Natural Therapy Practitioner