The world is the same, but I am no longer the same. 
Because I am no longer the same, the world is no longer the same.


This path of self-discovery and transformation found me 16 years ago when life as I knew it was pulled off like a rug from right under me in one fell swoop (a heart-shattering divorce, a failing business, a depleting bank account with just $16, a shrivelling self).  A close shave with depression, a fleeting moment of contemplating the distance between my 18th floor apartment and the ground. Or perhaps it started way back when I was born, taunted with name-calling from an eye defect at birth. 

When there was nothing more to lose, I was found.  It has been nothing short of a curious, wondrous and liberating journey. I started listening in a deeper way, and know without a shadow of a doubt that I am the result of the love of thousands, no longer the accolades that stack up on the resume. Where it used to be fear and lack, I now show up to the world from a place of peace, contentment with abundance and capacity, though still sprinkled with many vulnerabilities that make me so perfectly human. I have become a better observer of who I am in relation to how I see and show up in the world. 

I am gifted and supported as needed for the purpose I am here to serve, that of self-realisation and service to humanity. I am deeply grateful and humbled by this alchemy of becoming. ​​

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Anthea Indira Ong

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Nominated Member of Parliament, 13th Parliament of Singapore (2018-2020)

Changemaker, Social Entrepreneur & Impact Investor

Author, 50 Shades of Love | Podcast Host, Shades of Love by Anthea Ong

​Editor/Author, The NMP Scheme: Are Unelected Voices Still Necessary in Singapore? 

Leadership & Executive Coach | Human-Centred Leadership Speaker

Strategy Consultant | Yoga & Wellness Facilitator


Member, Tripartite Oversight Committee for Workplace Safety & Health | Member, Global Wellbeing Advisory Board, Wellbeing@Work | Member, School Advisory Council, Cedar Girls' Secondary School | Member, Advisory Committee, Singapore Mental Health Conference 2021 | Former President, WINGS | Founding Board Member, Daughters of Tomorrow | Former Member, Social Service Innovation Advisory Panel, National Council of Social Service | Former Member, Steering Committee for ACE Capstone Programme for Non-Profits, Social Service Institute |  Former Member, Expert Futures Panel + Member, Champions of Good Panel, Company of Good, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre |  Member, International Coach Federation | Mentor, Institute of Technical Education Singapore |  


Founder/Co-Founder of: 

WorkWell Leaders (Leaders' Movement for Workplace Wellbeing)Hush, the Silent TeaBar(Workplace Wellbeing/Inclusive Employment) | A Good Space(Citizen Engagement/Community Building)SG Mental Health Matters (Mental Health Policy Advocacy) | Welcome in My Backyard-WIMBY (Migrant Workers-Local Integration) Playground of Joy (Values-based Psychosocial Education/Vulnerable Children) | Our Tree Stories (Nature Awareness/Climate Change)The Anagami Group (Consulting/Impact Investment) | Project Yoga-on-Wheels (Inclusive Yoga)Circle of Bliss (Community Meditation) 


Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation | Newfield Certified Coach | European Union Visitors Programme 2021 | Alumnus, Antarctica Leadership on the Edge 2018 | Alumnus, Presencing Foundation Programme 2018, Presencing Institute, MIT | Alumnus, Harvard-affiliated Social Leadership Singapore 2016 | Alumnus, Global Entrepreneurship Summit Stanford 2016, US State Department | Alumnus, International Visitor Leadership Programme 2013, US State Department | Certified Microfinance Trainer, World Bank/ADB  | Certified Yoga Instructor | Certified Laughter Yoga Leader | Certified Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner | Certified Natural Therapy Practitioner