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​Today, Oct 2023
Straits Times, Oct 2023
Straits Times, Oct 2023

Commentary: Mental health is a sustainable growth strategy for Singapore Inc​

Business Times, Oct 2023
Placing employee wellbeing as a priority for leaders in Singapore

​HRM Asia, Oct 2023

WorkWell Leaders initiate nationwide movement amidst World Mental Health Month, urging CEOs to publicly pledge for workplace wellbeing

Gutzy Asia, Oct 2023

Podcast: Daily Cuts - World Mental Health Day: CEO Pledges towards Mental Health

CNA938, Oct 2023 

Mental health no longer dirty words as awareness grows — but are some youths adopting labels too loosely?

​TODAY, Oct 2023

New community-led initiative to develop suicide prevention strategy for Singapore

​Straits Times, Sep 2023

Over half of Singapore workers more sensitive to stress in 2022 compared to 2021 even as pandemic eased: Study

​Today, Sep 2023

TikTok trend of users posing as IMH doctors ‘worsens mental health stigma’, but some social media users find it funny

​Today, Sep 2023

Podcast: Breakthrough in Mental Wellness with Anthea Ong

Integrative Asia, Sep 2023

Asia Thinker Series - Mental Health: Shaping Community Outreach & Policy Initiatives

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, August 2023

Singapore’s Nominated Member of Parliament Scheme: Potential to Evolve

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, August 2023

EUVP Visit Story - Anthea Ong, Singapore

European Union Delegation to Singapore, August 2023 

Commentary: Mental health education - what more can we do for our children?

CNA, Jul 2023

Podcast: What does it mean to be vulnerable: Anthea Ong 

Handful of Leaves, June 2023 

​Commentary: Mental healthcare should be for all, not just those who can afford to skip the wait

CNA, Feb 2023

NMPs play key role in S'pore's parliament, but the scheme must evolve for the future: ex-NMP Anthea Ong

Mothership, Nov 2022

Commentary: Do we need Nominated Members of Parliament when there are more opposition MPs than ever?

CNA, Nov 2022

​​Helping leaders help themselves

Business Times, Oct 2022


Banyan Tree Resorts, Oct 2022

People with mental health conditions lack opportunities even as firms try to embrace inclusivity​

CNA, Oct 2022
Opportunities still lacking for jobseekers with mental health conditions | Video

Channel5 News, Oct 2022

The workplace should not cause anxiety: Expert

CNA, Oct 2022

If I ever got ‘cancelled’, I would feel relief: Former NMP Anthea Ong reflects on life as a social advocate

CNA Women, Sep 2022

Teh Tarik with Walid: Former NMP Anthea Ong discusses the NMP book

Teh Tarik with Walid, Sep 2022

Ex-NMP Anthea Ong wants to know who in her estate went to ‘tell on roosters simply minding their own business’

The Independent Singapore, Sep 2022

Book on Nominated Member of Parliament scheme launched

CNA, Sep 2022

Does Singapore still need Nominated MPs in Parliament?

Straits Times, Sep 2022

13-year-old stole the show at launch of book on the NMP scheme

The Homeground Asia, Sep 2022

'A baptism of fire': NMPs share their experiences in new book

Straits Times, Sep 2022

Former NMP Anthea Ong shares insights into the Nominated Member of Parliament scheme in new book

The Peak, Sep 2022

Big Read Unwrapped: Civil movement and the death of the patriarchal government

The Homeground Asia, Sep 2022

Commentary: Why more needs to be done to help LGBTQ+ youth

The Straits Times, Aug 2022 

​Commentary: How many of those with mental health conditions were caregivers themselves?

CNA, Aug 2022

有机土耕农场的告别 守护这亩田的温柔与严苛

Lianhe Zaobao, Jul 2022

Freedom to choose what is best for you: Has it always been there for Singaporeans?

The Homeground Asia, Jul 2022

Social media and the government: Tango for transparency and accountability

The Homeground Asia, Jul 2022

Channelling Adversity into Action

AlumNUS, Jul-Sep 2022

National mental health initiatives: Youth need more than social media as outlet, employers hindered by care costs, experts say

TODAY, Jun 2022

Not talking about suicide does more harm than good: Suicide prevention groups

Straits Times, Jun 2022

When a colleague is grieving: Navigating bereavement in the workplace

Business Times, Jun 2022

Commentary: Bosses burn out too; leaders need to be well to lead well

Business Times, Apr 2022

Confronting Youth Mental Health

CNA Insider, Apr 2022

With Budget 2022, Can We Take Mental Health More Seriously?

Rice Media, Mar 2022

Mental health issues in Singapore’s Budget Speech for the first time

The Homeground Asia, Feb 2022

Deaf Covid-19 patients can now communicate with MOH through SMS and e-mail instead of phone call

Straits Times, Jan 2022

Walk the talk: Creating better workplaces for mental health requires leaders to be vulnerable, CEOs say

​CNA, Dec 2021

​Help available for Covid-19 patients with disabilities to recover at home: MOH

Straits Times, Nov 2021

Singapore companies find creative ways to address employee mental heath challenges

Cigna, Nov 2021 

Adam Khoo Doesn’t Have All The Answers Either

RICE, Nov 2021

Commentary: Mental health in an unequal world — let’s ask what happened, not what’s wrong

TODAY, Oct 2021

Youth & Mental Health. How Can We Do Better?

SUSS, Sep 2021 

Commentary: Going beyond a task force to build a Mentally Healthy Nation
IPS Comms, Aug 2021

Commentary: Concerns over giving people ideas undermine needed conversations on suicide

​CNA, Aug 2021

We need to stop saying 'boys don't cry' & 'boys will be boys'

Mothership, Aug 2021 

Singapore’s toughest topics to be taken up in podcast by social activist Anthea Ong

Coconuts Singapore, Aug 2021

Mental health advocates welcome plans to have more school counsellors but say barriers remain 

The Straits Times, Aug 2021

‘With school counsellors, it’s really hit-or-miss’: Behind the challenge of safeguarding student mental health 

CNA, Aug 2021

The Big Read: Grappling with isolation, migrant workers in dorms long for a return to the wider community 

CNA, July 2021

​“Are we listening?”: Coalescing around downstream and upstream mental health action (Anthea Ong; COVID-19, one year on), Jul 2021

How are Singapore’s advocates and activists sustaining themselves? 

The Homeground Asia, July 2021

​​​Online charity initiative raises over S$1m to benefit needy during the pandemic 

The Business Times , May 2021 

Commentary: Worries over COVID-19 situation are taking a mental toll on Singapore 

CNA , May 2021 

Part I: Feel Like an Imposter at Work? It’s More Common Than You Think 

Stay Prepared , 2021

​Part II: Feel Like an Imposter at Work? – How to Overcome Self-Doubt 

Stay Prepared , 2021

Singapore: An International Model For Mental Health 

Forbes, April 2021 

Championing the mental health cause 

thenewpaper, April 2021 

Commentary: Why do some S'pore families choose to 'struggle' rather than get help from social services? 

Mothership, Mar 2021 

#AreWeOkay: SG Mental Health Matters invites the public to join the conversation 

The Online Citizen, Mar 2021 

Improve equity of S'pore healthcare by better meeting needs of the marginalised: Panellists at Yale-NUS College forum 

TODAY, Jan 2021 

Community-organised dialogue suggests ways to help lower-income, bridge social divide

Straits Times, Feb 2021

Commentary: Leadership in the new normal must ensure employee well-being

Straits Times, Dec 2020 

Courage in the new normal: CEOs, leaders taking bolder steps to talk about their mental health struggles at workplace 

TODAY, Dec 2020 

​Social entrepreneur Anthea Ong applies for second term as NMP 

CNA, Nov 2020 

From Politics To Entrepreneurship: 6 S'pore Politicians Who Started Their Own Ventures

Vulcan Post, Oct 2020 

Migrant workers enjoy “an afternoon out” in the park with local Bukit Batok residents

​ActiveSG, Oct 2020

This S’porean Had Only S$16 In Her Bank Once, Now Owns A Silent Tea Bar For Mental Wellness

​Vulcan Post, Oct 2020 

Commentary: Making mental healthcare more affordable for Singaporeans 

TODAY, Oct 2020 

'It was such a deep state of despair I was in': ex-NMP Anthea Ong on her mental health journey 

Mothership, Oct 2020 

Commentary: What good is doing push-ups for mental health? 

CNA, Oct 2020 

Commentary: New Possibilities for Wellbeing at Work 

BusinessTimes, Oct 2020 

#Takeback2050: 15 Singaporeans Speak 

SG Climate Rally, Sep 2020 

Welcomes begin in our backyards 

Our Better World, Sep 2020 

Anthea Ong as a Nominated Member of Parliament, Overcoming Personal Collapse, and Courage as a Muscle 

Brave Dynamics, Aug 2020 
“I, we, and us make our society.” The Ground Speaks: Civil Society After GE2020
Ethos Books, Aug 2020 

Anthea Indira Ong, Social Entrepreneur 
A Magazine, Aug 2020 
Rights groups raise concerns on rules restricting migrant workers’ movements
TODAY, Aug 2020 

Rise in firms offering mental health support for staff but more can be done, say experts
CNA, Aug 2020 

In Phase 2, Migrant Workers Battle Financial Fears And A Mental Health Crisis
Rice Media, Aug 2020 
IN FOCUS: The challenges young people face in seeking mental health help

CNA, Aug 2020 

Migrant workers get more mental health support 
The New Paper, Jul 2020 

'What a privilege to be able to serve this way': Anthea Ong shares her reflections on being an NMP
Mothership, July 2020 

Minding the well-being of migrant workers
Business Times, Jul 2020  

From NCMPs to Leader of the Opposition - how Parliament has evolved
Straits Times, Jul 2020 

NMP Anthea Ong voices concern over the gaps and inadequacies in Govt’s COVID-19 welfare schemes
The Online Citizen, Jun 2020 
Post-COVID19 economic recovery must protect human rights and the environment, MPs say
ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights , Jun 2020 
Only 7 cuts filed for Fortitude Budget, compared to over 500 for Unity Budget

Mothership, Jun 2020 
NMP Anthea Ong calls for Govt to provide six months rental relief for public rental households
The Online Citizen, Jun 2020 
New normals: Lessons learnt during Covid-19 circuit breaker and what needs to change
Straits Times, Jun 2020 

Singapore's Covid-19 economic recovery team criticised for excluding sustainable business voices, women
Eco-Business, Jun 2020 

Commentary: We declare a goal of ending mental health stigma yet viciously mock the woman at Shunfu Market
CNA, May 2020 
Commentary: COVID-19 has revealed a new disadvantaged group among us – digital outcasts
CNA, May 2020 
More needs to be done to close the digital divide deepened by Covid-19, say two NMPs
Straits Times, May 2020 
'Universal internet access should be provided as a public utility': Anthea Ong on S'pore's digital divide
Mothership, May 2020 

Women in Politics – Power, Stereotypes and the Challenges of Public Life
Aware, Apr 2020 

Breaking Up the Boys' Club
Southeast Asia Globe, Apr 2020 

Commentary: Working together towards a zero-suicide Singapore
CNA, Apr 2020 

Commentary: Responding to the Covid-19 crisis as one Singapore community
TODAY,  Apr 2020 

Commentary: Yearning for dignity from people with mental health conditions in Singapore
Yahoo News, Apr 2020 

'Inequality is our weakest link in this fight': NMP Anthea Ong urges more support for vulnerable groups
Mothership, Apr 2020 
Podcast: Mental health: Awareness, acceptance, and action (A conversation with NMP Anthea Ong), Apr 2020 

Review of Singapore’s mental healthcare system underway, as MPs highlight existing gaps
TODAY, Mar 2020 

Who is Protecting Singapore's Sex Workers? 
Millennials of Asia, Mar 2020 

Commentary: Will you hire and retain persons with mental health conditions?
CNA, Mar 2020 
NMP Anthea Ong calls for national suicide prevention strategy aiming for zero suicides
TODAY, Mar 2020 
Nominated MP Anthea Ong calls for national suicide prevention strategy
Straits Times, Mar 2020 
Migrant workers need GST relief as they suffer “immense” financial pressures: NMP Anthea Ong
The Online Citizen, Mar 2020 

Lianhe Zaobao,  Feb 2020 

S'porean resilience not possible without improving mental health support: NMP Anthea Ong
Mothership, Feb 2020 

For Nominated Members of Parliament, it's not just about talking in Parliament
CNA, Feb 2020 
Urgent need to improve affordability, accessibility and quality of mental healthcare, says NMP Anthea Ong
Straits Times, Feb 2020 

Mentally Health Workforce
Speaking Your Mind Project, NUS Medicine, Launched Jan 2020 
Commentary: Suicides can be prevented - we all need to work together
Straits Times, Jan 2020 

NMP conducts public consultation on mental healthcare in preparation for Budget 2020
The Independent, Jan 2020 
Banking Act should strive towards building “a sustainable and resilient financial system”: Anthea Ong
The Online Citizen, Jan 2020 
Mental health declaration for job applicants discriminatory
Straits Times, Jan 2020
Casting light on workplace depression
Business Times, Dec 2019 
Abstaining on AHTC motion, two NMPs voice concerns over timing and political overtones
TODAY, Nov 2019 
AHTC motion: Anthea Ong on why she is abstaining from voting
CNA, Nov 2019  
NMPs Anthea Ong & Walter Theseira abstained from voting for parliamentary motion against WP MPs
Mothership, Nov 2019  
Hush, it's time to show empathy to all
Straits Times, Oct 2019 
Govt “should re-evaluate” viewpoint on dissent and activism, youths must be given greater room to participate: Anthea Ong
The Online Citizen, Oct 2019 
Liberal education makes for better citizens
Straits Times, Oct 2019 
Commentary: Mental Health Matters at Work
Business Times, Oct 2019

Singapore bosses pledge to champion employees' mental well-being
Business Times, Oct 2019 

Commentary: Let's redefine multiculturalism for a truly inclusive Singapore
Straits Times, Oct 2019 

Commentary: Making CareShield Life and long-term disability care more inclusive
TODAY, Sep 2019 

NMP Anthea Ong raises concerns over the CareShield Life Bill: mental health, non-severe disabilities, people with disabilities under 30, and gender discrimination
The Online Citizen, Sep 2019 

NMP Anthea Ong pushes for more urgent measures taken to combat climate change and redistribute food waste to charity
The Online Citizen, Aug 2019 

Commentary: Let's talk about men in mental health
Straits Times, Aug 2019 

Protesting for the planet: Is climate activism alive in Singapore?
Eco-Business, Jul 2019 

Commentary: Make mental health education mandatory in Singapore schools
TODAY, Jul 2019 

Commentary: Time to commit to national target on inclusive employment
Straits Times, Jul 2019  

Ask A Pro: Hush Tea Bar’s Anthea Ong On Workplace Wellness
Challenge Magazine, Jul 2019 

Commentary: Greater whole-of-society push needed to tackle homelessness
TODAY, June2019 

晨光第一线: 静谧茶吧
Channel 8, Jun 2019 

Cause and Effect: Anthea Ong for Mental Health
Imagine Magazine, Jun 2019 

Singapore’s food rescuers salvage expired, ugly food to fight waste
South China Morning Post, May 2019 

NMPs on why they pushed ahead with motion to amend Bill
Straits Times, May 2019 

NMPs suggest 4 amendments to fake news Bill, including having independent council to review Govt decisions
Straits Times, Apr 2019 

LOVE972《他们的故事》- 和王丽婷
Love 97.2FM, Apr 2019 

Mental wellness: Why C-suite should lead the discussion
HRD Magazine, Mar 2019 

Anthea Ong on Home Team Science and Technology Agency Bill – CNA
Business Telegraph, Aug 2019 

Raising awareness of mental health of migrant, domestic workers
Business Times, Mar 2019 

NMP, experts call for review of how disability is defined
Straits Times, Aug 2019 

Commentary: How To Make Mental Health A National Priority
TODAY, Mar 2019 

Are Singapore leaders doing enough for mental well-being?
HRD Magazine, Mar 2019 

Top 10 Women 2019 





Singapore Women's Weekly, Mar 2019 

Commentary: Mental Health Must Be A National Priority
The New Paper, Mar 2019 

AIA launches Singapore's first policy that covers mental illnesses

Asia Advisers' Network, Feb 2019

议员建议正视应对 国人心理健康问题 

Lianhe Zaobao, Feb 2019

Make mental health a 'national priority', like diabetes  
Straits Times, Feb 2019 

“Strong, United S’pore” only possible if mental health is a S’pore govt priority: NMP Anthea Ong
Mothership, Feb 2019

Mental health should be prioritised and not stigmatised, says NMP Anthea Ong
The Independent, Feb 2019 

#TheGoodWomen: Anthea Ong – Explorer. Coach. Full-time Human  
The Good Catalogue, Jan 2019 

管委议员王丽婷 为弱势群体发,打造包容社会

Shinmin Daily News, Jan 2019
Time for Singapore’s employment laws to include “clear” and “deliberate” guidelines for workers’ psychosocial health and safety requirements: NMP Anthea Ong  
The Online Citizen, Dec 2018
Doing good through silence, reflection and self-care is Hush Tea Bar's mission  
Business Times, Dec 2018
Giving the physically challenged a leg up
MoneyFM 89.3, Nov 2018
Commentary: A Good Space Helps You Help Others 
Business Times, Oct 2018
Collective action needed to create caring, inclusive workplaces
Straits Times, Sep 2018
9 New Nominated MPs Appointed by President Halimah  
Straits Times, Sep 2018
9 New Nominated MPs Chosen to Join Parliament 
Straits Times, Sep 2018
Spilling the Tea on Silence: Anthea Ong of Hush TeaBar  
Social Space Magazine, Sep 2018
Social Conversations: Anthea Ong of Hush TeaBar
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Aug 2018 
Causes: Safe spaces to do good
Straits Times, Jul 2018
Taking care of workers' mental health
Straits Times, Jul 2018
Having Dealt With Mental Health Issues Herself, She Now Wants You To Take A Mental Spa Through Tea
YP SG, May 2018
What Hush TeaBar Founder Learnt in Antarctica. 
Prestige SG, May 2018



Shin MIn Daily News, Apr 2018






Shin MIn Daily News, Apr 2018

Singaporean takes the plunge in freezing Antarctic
The New Paper, Apr 2018
Anthea Ong: The Woman Who Lived. 
High Net Worth, Mar 2018
Meet The World’s First Silent Tea Bar That Has Brewed Up A Storm of Social Change, Mar 2018
Three Singaporean women part of 100-strong global team to Antarctica
The New Paper, 27 Feb 2018
3 Singaporean women part of global expedition to Antarctica to study climate change
Straits Times, 26 Feb 2018

Anthea Ong advocates for Workplace Wellness through Tea and Travel.
Prestige, Feb 2018
创立社企 助创伤者修复心灵
Lianhe Zaobao, Feb 2018
Anthea Ong brings self care and workplace wellness all the way to Antarctica!
The Independent SG, Feb 2018
Anthea Ong: “It’s better to be kind always than to try to be right all the time.”
Painless.Asia, Nov 2017



Cedar Girls' Secondary 60th Anniversary Commemorative Book, Sep 2017

From Banker to Social Entrepreneur 
NUSS The Ridge, Nov 2017
My Story. My Calling. 
Yoga Journal Singapore, Aug 2017
Interview: Anthea Ong of Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA)’s ‘Open Homes’
Singapore International Festival for Arts, Open Homes (Blogcritics) Aug 2017
Between Sunset and Sunrise by Anthea Ong 
Singapore International Festival for Arts, Open Homes (bakchormeeboy) Aug 2017
Good Conversation with Anthea Ong 
The Good Movement,10 Jul 2017
The Silent Remedy: Q&A with Anthea Ong
LadyBoss Asia, Jun 2017
Deaf but not disabled: The voice behind Singapore's first silent teabar
Buro 24/7, Jun 2017

Meet the Disruptors:  Anthea Ong 
The AlumNUS, Apr-Jun 2017/Issue#109

Weekend Interview: Anthea Ong 
The Business Times, 23 May 2017

Can The Deaf Help Us Listen Better? 
Channel NewsAsia, 23 Apr 2017
Entrepreneur-in-Focus:  Anthea Ong 
Zalora, 21 Feb 2017
'I Live My Life' docudrama: Anthea Ong. 
Channel U, 24 Jan 2017
Lianhe Zaobao, Dec 2016

Down and out, she finds herself. 
Sunday Times, Sep 2016

Talking to a Silent Mover
Womentalk TV, Sep 2016
Finding herself in silence. 
RazorTV, Sep 2016
Bounceback Queen
Her World Magazine, Aug 2016 (Pages 250-252) 
Urbanites Sit To Savour At This Bar 
Straits Times,  Jun 2016 
Hush Now, Have A Cuppa and Reflect.
Straits Times, Apr 2016 
Why Start a Business When You Can Start a Revolution? 
Asia for Good, Mar 2016 
Hush, No Talking In This Bar please. 
Straits Times, Dec 2014

"Nothing really belongs to me, not even my own story. Everything serves a larger purpose." 

Anthea Indira Ong

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  • Panelist, World Religion Day, Centre for Interfaith Understanding (Jan 2023)
  • Guest of Honour, Singapore Annual Aids Conference (Dec 2022)
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  • Panelist, 337A: Agree and Disagree, Live Streaming, Inconvenient Questions (Oct 2022) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Dive-in Festival 2022, AON Singapore (Sep 2022) 
  • Speaker, Milken Institute Summit 2022 (Sep 2022) 
  • ​Moderator & Speaker, Mental Wellbeing-Centred Leadership in an Increasingly Challenging Environment, Singapore Manufacturing Federation (Sep 2022)
  • Moderator & Speaker, Making Mental Wellbeing a Strategic Priority, Association of Banks in Singapore/WorkWell Leaders (Jul 2022)  
  • Moderator & Speaker, Joy@Work Social Services (July 2022)
  • Faculty Member, Advancing the Role of Women in Politics, Peace & Security and Economics, YSEALI Learns Summer Programme (Jun 2022)
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  • ​Speaker, Wellbeing@Work Asia Pacific (Apr 2022)
  • Moderator, Ukrainian Ambassador, A Good Space (Apr 2022)
  • Moderator, Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on the well-being of the youth and elderly, NUS Social Service Research (Mar 2022)
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  • Panelist, Rethinking Live-Work-Play Trends with Active Health, Public Services Division by SportSG (Nov 2021) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Women Corporate Directors (Oct 2021) 
  • Panelist, Dow Asia Pacific Diversity & Inclusion (Oct 2021) 
  • Speaker, Mental Health Luncheon Talk, Institute of Public Policy (Corporate Associates) 
  • ​Panelist, The Long Tail of COVID-19: Global Mental Health Challenges in a Post-Pandemic World, Yale-NUS (Oct 2021)
  • ​Panelist, S&P YWLC Diversity in Womanhood: Women in Allyship (Sep 2021) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Mental Wellness, GIC (Sep 2021) 
  • Speaker, Wellbeing@Work, Singapore Mental Health Conference (Aug 2021)
  • Chairman, CEO Dialogue, Singapore Mental Health Conference
  • Panelist, NinetyPercentIII: Converging Perspectives, NUS Political Science Society (Aug 2021)
  • Guest Speaker, AIC Townhall & 12th Birthday Celebration (Aug 2021)
  • Facilitator, 4th CEO Breakfast Dialogue, WorkWell Leaders (30 Jul 2021)
  • Guest Speaker, Singapore Insurance Industry Dialogue (Jul 2021)
  • Keynote Speaker, Mental Wellbeing@Work, Women@NTU (Jun 2021)
  • Speaker, 9th ASEAN Labour Inspection Conference (May 2021)
  • ​Panelist, Mind the Gap, NUS Social Service Research Seminar (May 2021)
  • Moderator, Migrant Workers & Lorries, The Homeground Asia (Apr 2021)
  • Speaker, Fireside Chat, Mental Wellness Kickoff, DBS Group Technology & Operations
  • Guest Speaker, Utama Club (Apr 2021)
  • Speaker, NTU Student Leaders (Mar 2021)
  • Keynote Speaker, Mental Health at Workplace, IHH Singapore Leaders, (Mar 2021) 
  • Panelist, Migrant Worker Issues, 24Asia Live Show (Mar 2021) 
  • ​Speaker, Heart to Health Talk, NUS Public Health Interest Group (Mar 2021) 
  • Guest Lecturer, Masters in Social Work, NUS (Mar 2021)
  • ​Panelist, Unreasonable Women, International Women's Day, Publicis (Mar 2021)
  • Keynote Speaker, SG Model United Nations (Mar 2021)
  • ​Delegate Member, Strategic India-Singapore Dialogue (Mar 2021)
  • ​Moderator, The Ground Speaks: Budget Conversations 2021, A Good Space (Feb 2021)
  • ​Panelist, Social Mobility and Income Inequality, Inconvenient Questions, NUS and NUS Society (Feb 2021)
  • ​Panelist, Public Health, Yale-NUS Diversity Week (Jan 2021) 
  • Clubhouse Speaker, Social Inequality, Southeast Asia Tech Club (Feb 2021)
  • Speaker, Mind the Grind, NTU (Jan 2021) 
  • Facilitator, 3rd CEO Breakfast Dialogue, WorkWell Leaders Workgroup (Dec 2020) 
  • Guest of Honour, International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, Samaritans of Singapore (Nov 2020)  
  • Speaker, Mindfulness, Dhamma Assembly For Young Working Adults (Nov 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Global Service Day, McKinsey Singapore (Nov 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Global Inclusion Day, 3M Singapore (Nov 2020)
  • Guest Lecturer, Global Policy, Nanyang Technological University (Oct 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Emotional Wellbeing LIVE! Day, Community Business Asia (Oct 2020) 
  • Guest Lecturer, Resilience in People Sector, Murdoch Executive Masters Programme (Oct 2020) 
  • Speaker, World Mental Health Day, Nomura Singapore (Oct 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Wellbeing@Work Conference, Future of Work Insights (Sep 2020) 
  • Closing Keynote Speaker, Advancing Brain Health at the Workplace, 4th One Mind at Work Global Forum (Sep 2020)
  • Panelist, Advancing Women Social Entrepreneurs in ASEAN, Ashoka (Aug 2020) 
  • ​Guest of Honour, Mental Health, National University of Singapore Public Health Interest Group (Augl 2020) 
  • Speaker, Fireside Chat, Apple Asia Pacific (Jul 2020)
  • Facilitator, 2nd CEOs Breakfast Dialogue, WorkWell Leaders Workgroup (Jul 2020) 
  • ​Keynote Speaker, Mental Health is Workforce Health, Bridgestone Asia Pacific (Jul 2020) 
  • Panelist, Mind Matters, Empowerment Fireside Chat, Nanyang Technological University Student Union (Jul 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Mental Wellbeing: Important Now and Always, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (Jul 2020) 
  • Panelist, Migrant Workers, Coffee for Change Conversations, Ashoka Singapore & Malaysia (Jun 2020) 
  • ​Guest of Honour, Harmony Raya Conference, PPIS Muslim Women's Association (Jun 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Shine the light on Mental Health, Singapore Academy of Law and Singapore Corporate Counsels Association (Jun 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Mental Health is Workforce Health, HR COP, National University of Singapore Society (Jun 2020) 
  • Panelist, Mental Wellbeing in COVID-19, American Chamber of Commerce (Jun 2020) 
  • ​Panelist, Mental Health, Women in Asia (May 2020) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific Regional Conference (May 2020) 
  • Speaker, Asia HR Council by Conference Board (Apr 2020)
  • Panelist, Singapore Policy Journal, Harvard Kennedy Club (Apr 2020)
  • Panelist, WWF Earth Hour 2020 (Mar2020) 
  • Speaker, PODEX Flourish 2020 (Jan 2020) 
  • Participant, 68th Westminster Seminar for Parliamentarians, London (Nov 2019) 
  • Guest of Honour, Making Change Real, Mother Earth Toastmasters Club (Nov 2019) 
  • Facilitator/Participant, ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (Nov 2019)
  • Panelist, Pre-COP25 Workshop - Eco-Anxiety Session, NUS Energy Studies Institute and Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law  (Oct 2019) 
  • Panelist, Migrant Worker Community Discussion (Oct 2019) 
  • Panelist, Make Care Count, Aware x A Good Space (Oct 2019)
  • ​Guest of Honour, PSALT Care Charity Golf & Dinner (Oct 2019)
  • Judge, SSI Ace Capstone Action Learning Project Presentation (Oct 2019) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Gotong Royong X, School of the Arts (Oct 2019) 
  • Moderator, Keynote Dialogue, Samaritans of Singapore Conference (Sep 2019)
  • Guest of Honour, Arts Therapists Association Exhibition (Sep 2019)
  • Speaker, Social Enterprise Series, NLB (Aug 2019) 
  • Guest of Honour, NUS Temasek Foundation Learn Service Learning Workshop for ASEAN Scholars, 
  • Guest of Honour, Asian Humanist Conference (Jul 2019) 
  • Moderator, Temasek Ecosperity Dinner with Sir Robert Swan (Jun 2019) 
  • ​Guest of Honour: Shan You "Let's Talk Depression" (May 2019) 
  • Keynote Speaker, Mercer Healthy Body=Healthy Mind (May 2019) 
  • Speaker, National Library Board (Apr 2019) 
  • Panelist, Learning Forum on Homelessness (Apr 2019) 
  • Guest of Honour, The 4th Hypnosis Conference (Mar 2019)
  • Moderator: Celebrate Women & Diversity (Mar 2019) 
  • Guest of Honour: Racefor7, Rare Disorder Society of Singapore (Mar 2019)
  • Keynote, Credit Suisse International Women's Day (Mar 2019) 
  • Speaker, Global Community Impact Awards, Johnson & Johnson (Feb 2019) 
  • Speaker, Singapore Mental Health Conference (Jan 2019) 
  • Speaker, European Union Ambassador's Event on Human Rights (Dec 2018)
  • Speaker, ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights Forum (Dec 2018)
  • Speaker, 1st Global Mental Health Advocates Summit (Oct 2018) 
  • Keynote, Schroders Investment Singapore (Oct 2018)  
  • Keynote, CAPTISS, College of Alice & Peter Tan, NUS (Sep 2018)
  • Speaker, Dow Chemicals Asia Pacific's First Inclusion Forum (Sep 2018)
  • Keynote, Special Needs Education Conference for Polytechnics (Sep 2018)
  • Speaker, Civic Participation & Public Engagement, Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs, US State Department (Aug 2018), Kuala Lumpur
  • Speaker, 1st Campus Party Asia (Jul 2018)
  • Speaker, Danone Global Leaders Meeting (Jun 2018)
  • Speaker, Hush Dare to Share, about Care (May 2018)
  • Speaker, Be Inspired Speaker Series, A Good Space (May 2018)
  • Moderator, Youth For Good 2018 (May 2018)
  • Speaker, NVPC Groundup Projects (April 2018)
  • Panelist, Women Empowerment Workshop, Leadership on the Edge Antarctica Expedition (Mar 2018) 
  • Speaker, Accenture Asia Pacific (Feb 2018)
  • Speaker, Abbot Nutrition (Feb 2018)
  • Speaker, MOE South 1 Cluster Leader's Retreat (Nov 2017)
  • Speaker, Happiness Festival (Nov 2017)
  • Upcoming: Speaker, MetLife Innovation Centre (Nov 2017) 
  • Facilitator, Young Southeast Asian Leaders by US State Dept (Oct 2017)
  • Speaker, Singapore Management University (Sep 2017) 
  • Speaker, Singapore Polytechnic (Aug 2017)
  • Speaker, St Joseph's Institution (July 2017)
  • Speaker, LadyBoss Asia (Jul 2017)
  • Speaker, Happiness Circle (Jul 2017)
  • Speaker, Credit Suisse Singapore (Jun 2017)
  • Keynote Speaker, The Social Oven, NUS Entrepreneurship Society (May 2017)
  • Guest-of-Honour, Speech Day, Cedar Girls Secondary School (Apr 2017)
  • Speaker, Innovation Conference 2017, Ministry of Education (Mar 2017)
  • Speaker, DesignTrails, Design Week 2017 (Mar 2017)
  • ​Speaker, Charting Her Own Path, UN Women Singapore & Our Better World (Feb 2017)
  • Facilitator, Expert Futures Panel, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (Feb 2017)
  • ​Speaker, School of Business Management, Nanyang Polytechnic (Feb 2017)
  • Speaker, Young Southeast Asian Leaders, US Embassy Singapore (Dec 2016)
  • Speaker, Heroes Seminar, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Nov 2016)
  • Speaker, SG100 Young Leaders Programme, National Youth Council (Oct 2016)
  • ​Speaker, Raise the Bar, Backstage Pass, Peatix (Oct 2016)
  • Speaker, Women in LinkedIn, LinkedIn Asia Pacific (Mar 2015)